Introducing the Magnifly 2


While we no longer sell the Magnifly 2, be sure to check out the Magnifly 3 which offers a more cushioned 0-drop road running platform!


All Topo shoe models start with our signature natural-fit ingredients: wide toe box, contoured fit in the midfoot and heel, and a low drop (5mm and under). From this baseline, we engineer each unique model to meet the needs of different running styles, workouts, terrain, and distance.

In the Magnifly 2, we amped up the cushioning and comfort; ideal for those who love the natural zero drop feel of the ST-2, but want a more cushioned or softer ride. The two-density, injected EVA midsole provides a dynamic underfoot experience and a sweeping toe rocker that helps propel you through the gait cycle.


Weight: 8.3 oz (W7) / 10 oz (M9)
Total Stack Height: 25mm (0-DROP)
MSRP: $110


Dual-density Foam (injected EVA): a softer layer of foam near the foot provides more cushion and comfort while a firmer layer near the ground provides that coveted “pop & snap” (springy responsiveness).

Toe Rocker: the sole features a longer toe sweep that runs from the metatarsals (ball of the foot) through the toes, to help you roll through the gait cycle. This sensation can help runners adopt more efficient running technique by promoting forward lean and gravity-led propulsion while encouraging a midfoot strike. It also keeps the shoe from feeling “flat” or stiff, which is a common complaint associated with thicker, zero-drop shoes.

Zero Drop: the neutral platform represents a key component of natural running. With no heel-to-toe differential, the foot is positioned to land and load, and distribute force normally.

Value: we get it, runners go through A LOT of shoes. The good news is great running shoes don’t need to break the bank. Our natural running philosophy inspires us to create the best performance footwear without the fluff and gimmicks that weigh you down (literally) and hinder instinctive movement. The Magnifly 2 carries an MSRP of $110.


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  1. Can we expect a more cushioned trail option in the near future as well? I love the fit of your shoes, but I just need a little more stuff underneath for long hauls and rugged trails.

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