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Our VP of Finance shares why the ST-2 is her “renaissance” shoe

We’ve recently upgraded our ST-2 model to the ST-3! The ST-3 features a new knit upper mesh pattern, 0-drop platform and collapsible heel.

The powers that be have asked me to write about my love for the ST-2. Let’s start by saying that I am an accountant. I can deliver a top-notch spreadsheet or analysis at a moment’s notice, but writing a blog isn’t really my jam. That being said, I like to think that I’m funnier than the average CPA – but my husband assures me I’m only slightly witty. So, let’s give this a go and see what happens….

I started working at Topo 5 years ago as a newbie runner — my athletic background was mainly in rugby. I had just cracked into the 5K/10K circuit after never having run more than 3 miles at once (and that felt soooo long at the time). Like many new runners, I used to pick my shoes based on look and brand. So, I ended up in Brooks, because I was a “serious runner” (being on the circuit and all). At the time, I couldn’t tell you what “drop” meant or why shoe shape, platforms or construction even mattered. (For the record, the “drop” of a shoe is the difference between the heel platform height and forefoot platform height. So, if the heel is 23mm and the forefoot is 20mm, you are in a 3mm drop shoe. You’re welcome.) At Topo, I was introduced to low-drop shoes with a wide toe box and I was hooked. Soon, I was a low-drop convert: the lower, the better. And, I loved the natural shape and wide toe box that let my toes spread out on my runs and feel more in control of my movement.

Since then, I’ve cycled through a variety of favorite Topos. I’ve also gone from a newbie runner to a nine-time half marathoner and CrossFitter. And, without a doubt, my perfect shoe is the ST-2. I use it for literally everything and have now coined it my “renaissance shoe.” Going for a short run? ST-2. Going to CrossFit? ST-2. Going for a long run? ST-2. Going to the grocery store? ST-2. Going to do speed intervals? ST-2. Just kidding, I don’t do speed intervals. Those are hard.

Why do I think these are the best? First, they are ridiculously comfortable. They are slipper-like when you put them on and, unlike slippers, they are appropriate to wear to work. Speaking of work, I travel for business A LOT and these are a snap to pack down flat (thanks to the completely collapsible heel cup) into the crevices of my suitcase so I never have to miss a workout or worry about comfortable shoes on the road. Second and most importantly, they are incredibly versatile. Like I said, I wear these for everything from my lifting workouts at CrossFit to my imaginary speed workouts. The 0-drop, 16 mm platform encourages natural running and is great for functional movement – think box jumps, burpees, kettlebell swings, even Olympic lifting.

Also lending to ST-2’s versatility is the flexibility and lightweight construction. This allows for speedy footwork and good ground feel while lifting, jumping, and running. All-in-all, no matter your workout regimen, the ST-2 can deliver.

Now, to be completely honest, if you like a little more underfoot protection for your long runs, you may want to switch to something like the Ultrafly. But for your gym work, short runs, or, at the very least, that summer cookout, the ST-2 is it.

If you would like to read more about ST-2 or check out our new colors for Spring, click here.

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