#MotivationMonday featuring Sandi Nypaver

Looking for some motivation this Monday? Check out Topo Elite Athlete Sandi Nypaver’s post-run stretching tips for preventing injury and maintaining natural movement at home! Sandi is a USATF and Lydiard certified coach and co-founder of Sage Running. She has won or been on the podium of races ranging from a 5k road race to 100-mile trail races. Sandi is also a graduate of Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition program and has had a passion for health, fitness, and helping others reach their goals!

If you’re needing some mental motivation as well during this time, here’s an excellent reminder from Sandi.

“Something I always remind my athletes of is that there is always something good to focus on. Sometimes you just have to work a little harder to find those good things. I also find it helpful to ask myself what’s the best way to view a challenging situation. That could be finding an opportunity out of a challenge or at the very least, I can always challenge myself to be the best version of myself given the circumstances.

I’m human so I screw up at this all of the time, but when I do remember these suggestions, I’m able to turn my thinking around for the better. Lastly, something I’ve always believed is that humans are meant to help and are at their best when they’re serving other people, animals, and this planet. I’ve had numerous experiences that showed me I’m happier when I get out of my own head and start thinking about ways to be of service.”

1. Rows with Band

If you work hunched over at a desk and/or have seen a picture of you running with your shoulders hunched over, this is a great exercise to add into your routine. You want to drive your shoulder blades together and keep them there. Make sure your shoulders stay away from your ears.

2. Frog Bridge

Before doing any type of bridge it’s important to engage your pelvic floor before doing up. Cradling your head in your hands helps to keep your spine in a good position. Your knees out wide with feet together is a great way to activate your glutes.

3. Hip Flexor Stretches

I’ve recently had both a physical therapist and personal trainer tell me that they believe that all runners should be stretching their hip flexors every single day. This is partly because good hip extension allows us to access more power from our gluteal muscles as we run. If you watch an elite track or road runner from the side, you’ll see this in action.