#MotivationMonday featuring Rach McBride

Looking for some motivation this Monday? Check out the video below where Topo Elite Athlete Rach McBride shares their top feet strengthening exercises! Rach also shares tips for keeping busy and the mind clear, as well as their outlook on training during this time.

Rach McBride (they/ them) is a 42 year old professional triathlete from Vancouver, BC. They have been racing triathlon for over a decade, with a brief stint in bike racing and a number of missed races due to injuries along the way. Broken bones and gnarly crashes have yet to stop or even slow Rach down. Known as “the most interesting person in triathlon”, with two master’s degrees, a former life as a touring cellist and punk rocker, currently with a side hustle working for Options for Sexual Health, this multi-faceted human is as unique as they come.

Ankle Circles + Calf Raises

For the Step-Up Box Rach is using for this exercise, check out Restore Human!

Sock Pick Ups

Toe Raises