#MotivationMonday featuring Paul Giblin

Looking for some motivation this Monday? Check out the video below where Topo Elite Athlete Paul Giblin shares his top tips and advice for using a foam roller to work out tight muscles!

Paul is a professional ultra runner from Scotland who currently lives in France! He’s one of the most competitive professional ultrarunners on the trail running scene today and has been a top 10 finisher of the Western States Endurance Run multiple times. To keep up with Paul, follow him on Instagram and be sure to check out his website to learn more about his coaching services and race team!

Paul’s Top Foam Roller Tips:

  • Use the foam roller to find the tight spots in your calfs, glutes and hamstrings.
  • Take your time and move slowly in that small area to focus on the trigger point.
  • Change the pressure you’re applying as you move
  • Move side to side to massage the muscle and break it down
  • Flex your foot to get the fibers of the muscle to move