An Ode to the Runventure + Warm Embrace for Runventure 2

By Runventure fan and Topo Ambassador, JJ Tiscerno (a.k.a. @organicspartan)

Earlier this year, when we retired the original Runventure, JJ wrote this ode to his beloved trail model:

Dear Runventure,
I still remember our first adventure together, I knew you were “the one.” You were perfect, seriously…with your soft genuine comfort, low drop which kept me grounded, protection from all the bad rocks and roots, but still gave me enough space for my toes to wiggle. It was like you were custom made for me, and not only were you easy on the eyes and cleaned up well,  you were also beautifully made from the inside out.

I told everyone I knew about you and loved sharing about your awesomeness every chance I got. We ran and hiked countless miles up and down mountains, hills, and valleys – through rivers, creeks, and streams… and our fair share of country and dirt roads, capturing some amazing sunrises and sunsets along the way. Every time I thought you were wore down and done with me I would wash the dirt and mud off and you never looked prettier.

We both have tears, rips, scratches, and scars but we earned them together and no one can take that away. Our adventures now might be far few and between but we’re not done yet.

Thank you Runventure,

After testing out the new Runventure 2 (which JJ was skeptical could live up to the original), this is what JJ had to say:

Dear Runventure 2,
Thank you for showing up at the perfect time! As I pushed the limits of my original Runventures with countless miles of trails and memories I knew it was time for change. A change for a new season, new goals, and new life.

Well, here you are Runventure 2. Not only still with your low heel drop, rock protection plate, quality comfort, roomy toe box, and amazing durability like your precedent, but now also with custom gaiters to keep the annoying rocks out, a bit more tread for those fun steep climbs, and a touch more comfort for those long grueling miles.

Not only have you already proven yourself to me, but you also just carried me through my longest and toughest endeavor up to this point, the Spartan Ultrabeast.

Thank you and I very much look forward to many more “runventures” together!

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