The Topo Diaries

The wild…and not so wild…in the wild!

With so many of us working, teaching, caretaking, exercising and a-million-more-things from home, we wanted to share with our community the “alternate life of Topos.”

Topo shoes may be designed to take on the rigors of athletic training and outdoor pursuits, but we all know what an important role they play in helping us move better throughout our everyday lives outside of these workouts. We’ve heard countless stories from our fans that Topos are their favorite go-to shoes for simply going to the grocery store, picking up the kids from school, working the front lines, or walking the dog. What a compliment to know that we are your preferred shoe for life!

We polled our ambassador team, the Topo Crew, to see what they have been up to in their Topos. Here are some of their stories, but we look forward to also hearing yours!

“After putting about a million miles on my first pair of Ultraventures, the uppers began to tear, but the midsoles still feel good so they were perfect for my first ever backpacking trip; I didn’t need to bring a separate pair of running shoes!” — Nick Tsotu (@nick_tsotu)

“I have been rockin’ my Magnifys and Phantoms at my new part-time job at a bike/tri shop and its honestly a great way to share the brand with new people.

With no group runs and limited racing, I don’t have my normal platforms to share and, because of the same things, our customers don’t have good places to ask questions in person.

We don’t currently carry Topo, so I have to send them elsewhere, but I can’t tell you how many ppl are bringing a bike in that they haven’t ridden in months to get work done and we end up having a great conversation about how their current shoes make their feet hurt and how they’re ‘looking for something better.’

The best part for me is that I get to move better naturally as I am walking and standing for half the day making people’s bikes better while wearing some cushy Phantoms! Its been great to connect with ppl outside of Social Media working in the Endurance Sports Industry again (at least part-time) and great to connect some possible future Topo Crew Members” — Steven Terry (@@ivebeen_framed)

“I’ve been gardening, walking my dog, grocery shopping, protesting, and rucking in my old Santes, ST-2s, or orange Fli-lyte 2s (or the Phantoms, OG Hydroventures, Rekovr LOL).

They’ve worked so well since they’re keeping my feet and ankles happy as I continue to work out imbalances in my pelvis.” — Alisha Chaney (@ali_baba_ants)

“Family hike through Painted Hills in Oregon. Two trails shoe wearers (Ultraventures and MT-3) and two road shoe wearers (both Fli-Lytes) did the job! Never travel without Topos!

And below the photo we never want to take but occasionally life happens … the new Vibes are amazing if you are rehabbing a hamstring and just need a supportive slip-on shoe. (Update: crutches have been replaced with physical therapy where the Vibes are ALSO useful to slip on and off when doing specific exercises for recovery.)” — Pamela Turse Kropf (@trailmomma)

Backyard Renovation
AFTER: “My Runventure 2 that I’ve run so much in, have really turned into a great gardening shoe! We turned out backyard from plain and boring to a really nice hang out place… even though there are no friends and only our pups! Ha!”

BEFORE: “This was after tearing out the grass where the black mulch and many plants are now. We also had to do tons of weeding and then I added the brick border around the outside on the right (and the same thing will happen next year on the left).”
— Nick Becker (@nicbeoutdoors)

“Walking my dog Chester in my retired MTN Racers.” — Melinda Howard (@melisrunning)

Jonathan Guffain (@jgreds07) is #fitdadgoals

“I’m working toward my private pilot’s license in my favorite Runventure 2s. I’m almost ready to take my first solo flight!” — Chase Visser (@chasevissertri)

What alternative lives have your Topos been living?