At the Apex with Sarah Scozzaro

“At the Apex” is a blog series that strives to introduce you to the stories behind the inspirational people on the Topo Apex Crew — a small, yet powerful group of athletes whose outdoor passions intersect with their larger communities in new and exciting ways.

Today, Sarah Scozzaro shares with us how nature keeps her grounded, no matter where she’s living or what’s going on in the world.

Nature is familiar, no matter where you are.

As a military spouse living overseas, I have found the ability to get outside and move in nature to be incredibly grounding and centering, and it allows me to see a foreign place in a way that seems more familiar, all while appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of it. 

I think that is the attraction of nature and moving your body in it. While the trails I run here in Germany are different from the ones I once explored in California, there is an elemental similarity between the two. The sun feels the same on my skin, the smell of the earth, and the sound of my footfalls over a trail is universal, no matter where I find myself.

Being able to explore the world around me on my own two legs gives a sense of freedom that I find to be empowering, especially in these uncertain times. It is easy to feel isolated in a new country, more so now with less physical human connection. When I see another runner or hiker on the trail, while we may not speak the same language, our smiles shared in passing and the drumbeats of our footfalls connect us.

I believe my ability to get outside daily has been key in staying positive and motivated in what many have found to be an unconventional year. My goals have shifted; I went from training for UTMB CCC, to being thankful to explore my local trails and appreciating the time to slow down and sink into nature. I have many goals for 2021 to be sure, but this year has allowed me to continue to foster a strength and resilience that I have been putting into practice for years.

For others that are finding things a little less than normal right now, find time to get outside and move as much as possible. See the potential and possibility that shifting times and situations present.

One of the ideologies of Topo is “better is not an accident. Stronger is not a gift. Faster is not a coincidence. It’s a choice.” And I feel this applies to so much in life. The past 16 years of moving all over the world has been full of a lot of uncertainty, and a lot I cannot (and shouldn’t) control. But I have ALWAYS had the choice to be better, or stronger or faster (or run longer!) and it is a decision I can make every single day when I lace up my Topos and head out the door. I can choose to allow setbacks and adversities to derail me, or I can seek opportunities to grow. We are who and what we decide to be with the circumstances we face.

Better is a choice.

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