Introducing Ultrarunner Anthony Lee as our newest Elite Athlete!

Today we’re excited to announce Anthony Lee as our newest Elite Athlete! Anthony is already part of the Topo family, as he joined our Apex Crew ambassador team a year ago and with his ultrarunning pursuit taking off, we’re so excited to continue our partnership with him.

Anthony is a 28-year-old mountain, ultra, and trail runner living in Boulder, CO. Anthony grew up in Vancouver, WA where he fell in love with running. Since he started racing in 2013, he’s finished over 40 ultras and 14 100-mile races.

To follow Anthony and his ultrarunning pursuits follow @anthonyclee94 on Instagram.

How did you discover Topo? I first discovered Topo Athletic on a training run in November 2019. My friend, Rod Schoene (@unbrekablerun) recommended the brand after I told him about my frustrations with shoes that were too narrow and caused me blisters and injuries. I tried the Ultrafly that winter and knew that this shoe and brand was a winner for my feet. How have Topos changed your running game? Topos have helped me stay injury-free and more consistent with my training. I do not deal with blisters and my feet are always comfortable in the shoes. What is your favorite Topo shoe model and why? My favorite shoes from Topo are the Ultrafly and the Mtn Racer. For the road, the Ultrafly delivers a smooth, well cushioned, and comfortable ride with light stability. For trails, the Mtn Racer is tough and durable. I am secure and know that the Vibram outsole will tackle any and all terrains I throw in its path.  What are your top 3 career highlights? 1st Place 2021 Ouray 100  2nd Place 2021 Spartan Trail World Championship 100K 1st Place 2017 High Lonesome 100 Do you have any race day superstitions or rituals?  My pre-race ritual is always having pineapple fried rice with chicken the night before.  What inspired you to become an ultrarunner? What advice would you have for others interested in picking up the sport? My sister and family inspired me to be a trail runner in 2013. I didn’t expect to become an ultrarunner until I met the trail community and ran a few shorter trail races. When I found out folks ran more than a marathon, I was intrigued and wondered if I could do it myself and I eventually trained for my first 50K (PCT Bunker to Bonneville) and won it. My advice to others interested in the sport is to volunteer at a trail race. It’s the best way to meet the community and be inspired by those running. Also, I would recommend signing up for shorter trail races and slowly building up your distances. You don’t have to jump right into the ultra-distances and may find that you excel at the sub-ultra trail races. Do you have any words of wisdom/life mantras that you can share with our community? Eat early and often. Smile and enjoy the views.